Appliqué Roses

There are several Collections on this page.

Please note. Even if most of the designs are the same, for the different sets, the width of the satin stitches are different. Please do not buy the 4 x 4 inch collection, and try to make these designs larger. You will end up with satin stitches, on the applique parts, which will be too wide. If you buy the 5 x 7 inch set, and want to make them smaller, you will end up with satin stitches that are too narrow, and the applique won't look good, after a few washes!! Each set of designs are different, where the applique parts are concerned. I have worked very hard on these designs, to make sure that each size stitch perfectly.

4x4 inch Applique Roses 1  $30

The frame around each design represents the 4 x 4 inch stitching area and the designs stitch out exactly the size you see them in each frame.

Image of 4x4r001.jpg
Image of 4x4r002.jpg
Image of 4x4r003.jpg
Image of 4x4r004.jpg
Image of 4x4r005.jpg
Image of 4x4r006.jpg
Image of 4x4r007.jpg
Image of 4x4r008.jpg
Image of 4x4r009.jpg
Image of 4x4r010.jpg
Image of 4x4r011.jpg

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Please look at the Specials, at the bottom of the page, before you order the single sets!!!

5x7 inch Appliqué Roses  $35
The way you see each design, is the way it stitches in a 5 x 7 inch hoop.
Image of 5x7r001.jpg
Image of 5x7r002.jpg
Image of 5x7r001a.jpg
Image of 5x7r003.jpg
Image of 5x7r009.jpg
Image of 5x7r010.jpg
Image of 5x7r004.jpg
Image of 5x7r005.jpg
Image of 5x7r005a.jpg
Image of 5x7r006.jpg
Image of 5x7r006a.jpg
Image of 5x7r008.jpg
Image of 5x7r007.jpg

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5 x 7 inch Collection only

4 x 4 inch Applique Roses & 5 x 7 inch Applique Roses for $50. Normal price for both sets is $65

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Jumbo Hoop Applique Roses

These designs are only for the Brother 8500, Super Galaxie 2100, and the Viking Designer 1!!!!!! People with the Super Galaxie 3000, Ellageo and Ultima machines, must order the PES V4 format.
Be warned, I am going to ignore customers, who order these jumbo designs, and who cannot use them!! They will also not get a refund, if they order these designs, and cannot use them afterwards!!! Too much of my time was wasted, on people, who ordered designs, which were not designed for their machines.

The way you see each Jumbo Hoop design, is the way it stitches in the Jumbo hoop, of the Brother 8500, or Super Galaxie 2100.

Jumbo Applique Roses 1   $20
Image of jumborose01.jpg
Image of jumborose02.jpg
Image of jumborose03.jpg

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Jumbo Applique Roses 1 only

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Jumbo Applique Roses 2   $15
Image of jumborose06a.jpg
Image of jumborose07a.jpg
Jumbo Applique Roses 3   $15
Image of jumborose07.jpg
Image of jumborose06.jpg
These two roses are the same, as the two roses on the left, except for the applique part. I could not decide which pair would be the most popular, so I decided to have both versions available.
If it is also difficult for you to decide, you can order all 4 these roses for $20

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         Jumbo Applique Roses 2 only
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 Jumbo Applique Roses 3 only

Buy Jumbo Applique Roses 2 & 3 for $20. Normal price for both sets is $30.

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Jumbo Aplique Roses 4  $15
These rose designs are ideal for a border pattern.
Image of jumborose04.jpg
Image of jumborose05.jpg

The following images will give you an idea of how such a border pattern will look like. When I look at the two images below, I can visualize these two patterns on bath towels, combined with lace and satin ribbon.
Image of jumborose04border.jpg
Image of jumborose05border.jpg
Image of idea08.jpg
Image of idea09.jpg

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Jumbo Applique Roses 4 only

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Buy the following sets and get a discount:

For my customers, who can only use the 4 x 4 designs, please keep an eye on the order form. I will put the 4 x 4 Denim designs, and the Applique roses for you on a special offer too!!!!

4x4 Special for Applique Roses & Denim Collection   $45
Normal Price for both sets is $55. Save $10

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4 x 4 inch Applique Roses & 5 x 7 inch Applique Roses for $50. Normal price for both sets is $65

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The following specials are only available for people with the Brother 8500, Galaxie 2100 & the Viking Designer 1!!!!!

People with the Super Galaxie 3000, Ellageo and Ultima machines, must order the PES V4 format.

Jumbo Applique Roses 2 & 3 for $20. Normal price for both sets is $30.

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Jumbo Applique Roses 1, 2, 3 & 4 for $50. Normal price is $65.

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All the Applique Roses designs for $90. Normal price $130. You will save $40, and will have a lot of designs, in different sizes!!!

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Project Ideas

Don't let the Applique Designs scare you, if you haven't done it before. I included easy instructions, with the color charts. If you are just lazy, these designs also look very good, without the applique.

Image of jumborose01x.jpg
Image of jumborose03x.jpg

Image of 5x7r002x.jpg
Image of 5x7r003x.jpg

Image of margaretpillow.jpg
Maggie Lankford in West Columbia, South Carolina, USA, was the first one to send me a picture of this beautiful pillow, she made.
Please e-mail her.
Image of lisagoss.jpg
Image of lisagoss1.jpg
Lisa Goss, of East Greenbush, New York, USA, made this beautiful vest. She entered it in a competition, but won't know how she did, before November. Please e-mail Lisa.

Image of bess1.jpg
Image of bess2.jpg

Image of bess3.jpg
Image of bess4.jpg

Elisabeth (Bess) Kovacic from Kelkheim, Germany, made these two beautiful wall hangings for two friends, who know each other and the wall hangings had to be similar. The technique that she used, is known to me as Cathedral Windows. Please e-mail Bess

Image of jeanne1.jpg
Image of jeanne2.jpg
Jeanne Spengler from Canon City, Colorado, USA, made this stunning outfit with my Appliqué roses. I met Jeanne three years in a row and the MEEC in Las Vegas and I always looked forward to see her wearing another stunning outfit, made with my designs.Please e-mail Jeanne.

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