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The frame around each design represents the 4 X 4 inch stitching area and the designs stitch out exactly the size you see them in each frame. All these designs were digitized with the Deco Wizard, Version 1.

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Project Ideas

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Because many of these projects are featured on my home page too, I am not going to put names, and e-mail addresses with these pictures. I am only going to put up the names, with new projects, I add from now on.

Image of towelswap1.jpg
Image of towelswap2.jpg
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Image of towelswap5.jpg
Letty Bowman, from Canada, used my appliqué designs, for these finger towels.She joined a November towel swap and I am sure the recipients of these towels will be thrilled. E-mail Letty

Image of pillowcase.jpg
Another project of Betty Tighe, of Western New York. She used the appliqué designs to make these beautiful pillowcases. E-mail her

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