Animal eyes & close-ups

Elephants have the most beautiful eyes and those eyelashes will make any woman jealous.

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Elephant mouth.

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Close-up of a red-billed hornbill
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Eye of a hippo

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Cheetah eye

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Lion eyes

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For those who don't know, an elephant cow's breasts have the shape of a woman's breast and they are at the front and not at the back, as with most other animals.

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The eyes and head of a ground hornbill. They have beautiful light blue eyes.

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Vervet Monkey

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These close-ups are of Jessica, the world's most famous hippo. Jessica was adopted by Animal Planet and she appeared on many telivision shows, all over the world. People can touch her and feed her and she is very friendly. One doesn't know how long that will last, as hippos are known to have killed more people than any other animal.

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This lioness was sleeping next to the road and too close for me to take a photo with my 500mm lens. Then I decided to take a close-up photo of the eye and I saw the reflection of our safari vehicle in her eye.

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