Angel Faces  $10 US

A number of people were interested to buy only the three angel designs from the Bernina Elsa's Favorite Florals. I also added one new design which I haven't included with the Bernina designs a few years ago. A number of text designs are also included with this set. This small set of designs is ideal for baby and toddler clothing.

Image of ergaf1.jpg
Image of ergaf2.jpg
Image of ergaf3.jpg
Image of ergaf4.jpg
3.68x3.23 inches
3.93x3.52 inches
3.59x3.19 inches
3.63x3.03 inches

Each one of these texts will fit under one of the designs in a 4x4 inch hoop and can be embroidered in one hooping.
Unfortunately SEW format will need two hoopings!!

Image of ergaft1.jpg
Image of ergaft2.jpg
3.79x1.03 inches
3.88x1.07 inches
Image of ergaft3.jpg
Image of ergaft4.jpg
3.90x1.30 inches
3.88x1.20 inches
Image of ergaft5.jpg
Image of ergaft6.jpg
3.89x1.12 inches
3.91x1.24 inches
Image of ergaft7.jpg
Image of ergaft8.jpg
3.85x1.09 inches
3.80x1.20 inches
Image of ergaft9.jpg
Image of ergaft10.jpg
3.857x1.22 inches
3.87x1.03 inches

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Project Ideas

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Image of joycepillow1.jpg
Joyce Hall made this lovely pillow with the angel designs.
Please e-mail Joyce.

Image of kathybibs.jpg
Kathy Harris made these lovely baby bibs when she tested these designs for me. Please e-mail Kathy.

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