Large Jacket Designs

If anyone with another machine than the PR-600 and EMP-6 wants to do jacket designs like these, and you are willing to do two hoopings, I will split the large design for you in two parts. Please note, half of the large design is larger than 5x7 inches, but will fit a 6 x 10 inch hoop.

Amanda    $20  US

The stippling was done free hand and is not part of the embroidery designs.  A dealer friend by the name of Amanda, inspired me to create this design. Therefore I named this design Amanda.
Image of amanda.jpg
One large design with 6 colors.
11.66x7.58 inches
46,617 stitches.
Image of amanda2.jpg
Two 5x7 inch designs.
5.07x7.06 inches
19,877 stitches.

Image of amandasleeve.jpg
4x4 inch Design
3.74x2.24 inches
5,397 stitches

The Amanda Jacket Design is now also available as split files for the Viking SE, Janome 11000 and for all PES format machines with a 6x10 inch hoop or larger.

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Project ideas

Image of amandasleevea1.jpg
The 4x4 inch design can be combined and used on the seams of sleeves or jeans. I originally created this design for the sleeves, but the way I embroidred my Wal-Mart shirt, I feel it would have been too much to add another design on the sleeves. If I decide to do anything more, I will repeat the stippling on the sleave seams.

Image of stipplingonjacket.jpg
This picture shows how the stippling was stitched very close to the edges of the jacket seams.

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