5x7 inch Wheat Collection  $20 US
You pay only $10 since the 50% discount is still on!

This is a set of designs I digitized a couple of years ago with the 4x4 inch Wheat Collection, but I completely forgot to release it. The larger deigns stitch out lovely and will lok beautful on towels, tablecloths, placemats and other kitchen linen.

Image of 5x7ergwc01.jpg
Image of 5x7ergwc02.jpg
3.75x7.01 inches
4.91x6.98 inches
Image of 5x7ergwc03.jpg
Image of 5x7ergwc04.jpg
4.53x6.96 inches
5.05x5.75 inches
Image of 5x7ergwc05.jpg
Image of 5x7ergwc06.jpg
5.08x6.13 inches
5.01x5.90 inches

Image of 5x7ergwc07.jpg
5.00x6.42 inches

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Last Updated 2014/05/14
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