5x7 inch Roosters   $15 US
Included is one 4x4 inch rooster, two 5x7 inch roosters and towel topper with detailed instructions.

Please note, these designs, included the 4x4 inch design can be bought as a single design from the Stitchery Mall.

Image of roostertoweltopper.jpg
Image of erg5x7r01.jpg
5.04x7.03 inches
3.77x3.89 inches

Image of erg5x7r02.jpg
6.66x5.08 inches

Image of erg4x4r01.jpg
5.02x5.28 inches

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Image of placematandtrivet.jpg
Joyce Hall made this lovely kitchen set with this small set of designs when she tested them. Please e-mail Joyce.

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Image of suerooster.jpg
Image of suerooster1.jpg
Sue Halter, made this wonderful project for her home. This is a cover for the fireplace. Please e-mail Sue.

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