Ocean Collections

Let your creative juices flow and create your own large scenes by combining several designs to form a larger design or picture.

These designs have been digitized with the Artista Designer software, but they aren't available in ART format. Artista 180 and Artista 170 owners can buy PES format if they want to, since the designs that gave problems on the Artista 200, stitched perfectly on these two machines.

These designs were designed especially for interior decorating and linens. Someone who likes and collect shells too, can take this ocean theme right through the house. They are ideal for beach bags, linens in bedrooms, lamp shades, living areas, bathrooms and even for placemats and table linens. I like these designs in tone on tone and in white, creams and beiges. The textures in these designs are something completely different and make these designs really exceptional. Most of the designs are not meant to be embroidered as a single design and has to be combined, to form a little scene, or as large as you want to make such a project. These designs are also ideal to be put into pictures frames.

It may look as if the same design is repeated a number of times, but each seastar, seaweed or coral, has a different texture or size. I got so excited and I ended up with such a lot of designs, I had to split the designs into several collections.

Click on each image to see a much larger image of these designs. The small images don't do the stitches and the textures justice.

5x7 inch Ocean  $30   US

Image of ergo5x7001.jpg
6.84 x 3.84 inches

Image of ergo5x7002.jpg
Image of ergo5x7003.jpg
Image of ergo5x7004.jpg
Image of ergo5x7005.jpg
5.11 x 3.01 inches
4.97 x 5.57 inches
1.19 x 5.17 inches
2.13 x 6.98 inches
Image of ergo5x7006.jpg
Image of ergo5x7007.jpg
Image of ergo5x7008.jpg
Image of ergo5x7009.jpg
5.05 x 6.98 inches
4.73 x 4.83 inches
4.76 x 6.96 inches
4.33 x 6.90 inches
Image of ergo5x7010.jpg
Image of ergo5x7011.jpg
Image of ergo5x7012.jpg
Image of ergo5x7013.jpg
4.79 x 7.07 inches
4.15 x 6.13 inches
5.07 x 3.86 inches
4.56 x 4.19 inches
Image of ergo5x7014.jpg
Image of ergo5x7015.jpg
Image of ergo5x7016.jpg
Image of ergo5x7017.jpg
5.08 x 5.11 inches
5.05 x 5.17 inches
5.00 x 5.13 inches
5.08 x 3.80 inches

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Ocean 2 & 5x7 inch Ocean (Save $15)    $50
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Ocean 1 & 5x7 Ocean Scenes (Save $15) $50
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Ocean 2 & 5x7 Ocean Scenes (Save $15) $50
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3 Set Ocean Special 1 (Save $30)               $70
Ocean1, Ocean 2 & 5x7 inch Ocean

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3 Set Ocean Special 2  ( Save $30)            $70
Ocean 1, Ocean 2 & 5x7 Ocean Scenes
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Projects made with these designs

I cannot prescribe to my customers what to do, but my honest opinion is that these designs won't work in bright colors or in different bright colors. If you want to use different colors, use pastel shades and shades that are just darker or lighter than your background fabric. Totally contrasting colors, like blue on a white background, also look nice.

Image of ergo217b.jpg
Some of the shells, like the one on the left can be embroidered with variegated threads too. Please don't embroider the small stones with plain step - or fill stitches with variegated threads, as it will give stripes, which won't look natural at all.

The thread color that Joan used, was Marathon Rayon #5502. Another natural variegated thread in beige and Golden Brown, #5501 will also look very good. Unfortunately these varigated threads are not on my color chart for Polyester threads and you will have to check the Marathon web site. Marathon Varigate

Image of joycetowel1.jpg
Image of handtowel.jpg
Joyce Hall made this lovely towel set and use soft pastel threads on the white towels. Please e-mail Joyce.

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