5x7 Flower 01  $10 US

What started as one single flower, turned out into a small set. You can combine the single flowers and the stems and make your own arrangements too. I created several large designs for the PR-600 with this flower design and I just knew that other people would also like to use this design in similar projects.
The single 5x7 inch Flower 01 can also be bought as a single design at the Stitchery Mall

Image of 5x7ergsf01a.jpg
Image of 5x7ergsf01stem.jpg
Image of 5x77ergsf01stem2.jpg
4.90x6.78 inches
2.88x4.38 inches
2.88x4.38 inches
Image of 5x7ergsf02.jpg
Image of 5x7ergsf03.jpg

4.41x3.17 inches
4.41x4.13 inches

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Projects with this design.
Image of singleflower1pillow.jpg
The single 5x7 inch design was used for this pillow. I did 4 hoopings.

Image of pillowstep1.jpg
Image of pillowtemplate.jpg
Draw lines like this on the background fabric to divide the block in 4 equal parts and to get the center point.
Cut the template along the flower outlines like this, to make placement easier and to get a better idea of how your layout will look like.
Image of firsttemplate.jpg
Image of fourtemplates.jpg
This is how I placed my first template. The placement lines that formed the center block was used to stitch the center motif with my sewing machine.
With all 4 templates in place, one can clearly see how the large "picture" will look like. You can move the templates till you are satisfied with the layout.

Project ideas with multi hoopings

These designs below were designed for the PR-600, but by doing multi hoopings and use your sewing machine to stitch the satin stitch borders, you can create exactly the same thing!!

These single designs for the PR-600, BMP6, Innovis 4000 and Baby Lock Elegante machines can be bought at the Stitchery Mall.

Image of pursepanel1.jpg
Image of pursepanel1b.jpg
PR-600/BMP6   Buy at Stitchery Mall
Innovis 4000/Elegante  Buy at Stitchery Mall

Image of angelinacentera.jpg
This panel is a purse in the making and also a design for the PR-600. You can embroider the 5x7 inch design twice, but rotate one design. In the center you can also stitch a geometrical shape with your sewing machine. Here I put Angelina in the center, for a very interesting effect.

Angelina can be ordered from Design By Dawn

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