5x7 inch Floral Angels   $15  US

This is one of the sets that I've digitized and used as part of my USA trunk show, but I've never came so far as to release these designs earlier. I've made changes to the original designs and had them tested now. The designs are ideal on the front of a teeshirt and of course on linens too.

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3.85x3.76 inches
3.85x3.76 inches
3.85x3.76 inches

These designs can also be bought as single designs from the Stitchery Mall!!

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Since I don't have a little girl or granddaughter yet, I draped a small round tablecloth that I have made, as part of my USA trunk show a couple of years ago, and a lovely piece of angel fabric over a chair. This is just to give you an idea, as I don't want to cut the lovely angel fabric to make a round tablecloth.
By repeating the same design all around the edge, these designs are ideal for making tablecloths or an overlay for a small round table. Imagine this in a girl's bedroom with an angel theme.

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These lovely items, a nursery cushion and diaper (nappy) bag, were made by Monica Powell, who tests for me on an Elna Exquisit machine.
Please e-mail Monica.

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Joan Wium, one of my South African testers, has made these lovely pillows with the 5x7 Floral Angels designs. The other designs that are used on the pillows, are also my designs. Please e-mail Joan.

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