5x7 Floral 2     $20  US

This small set of designs were originally designed for metallic threads, but since all people don't want to embroider with metallic threads, I also have two more options for each design. With this set I also played with different densities. There are 3 design files for each design and you can choose if you want to embroider these designs with the normal stitch densities, with much less stitches or with metallic threads or normal embroidery threads.  The third version of each design can be embroidered with natural colors or with metallic threads, as the flower outlines are the same color as the flowers and won't stitch Yellow when you embroider the flower center in Yellow.

Click on some of the thumbnails to view a larger picture.

Image of ergf25x701.jpg
Image of ergf25x701a.jpg
Image of ergf25x701b.jpg
5.04x5.26 inches
5.04x5.26 inches
5.04x5.26 inches
Image of ergf25x703.jpg
Image of ergf25x703a.jpg
Image of ergf25x703b.jpg
5.00x6.74 inches
4.99x6.75 inches
4.97x6.75 inches
Image of ergf25x704.jpg
Image of ergf25x704a.jpg
Image of ergf25x704b.jpg
4.52x7.00 inches
4.52x7.00 inches
4.52x6.98 inches

Image of ergf25x702.jpg
Image of ergf25x702a.jpg
Image of ergf25x702b.jpg
7.07x4.65 inches
7.05x4.65 inches
7.03x4.62 inches

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Image of 1190020.jpg Image of 1190023.jpg

These images will give you an idea on how you can place Swarovsky crystals on the flowers and leaves of these designs.
Since this is optional, I haven't included maps for placement of the crystals with my color chart.

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