5x7 Ethnic Collection    $25   US

These designs are totally different from my flower designs, but I felt like creating something totally different and something that will go with the interior of my own home. Some of the appliqué designs will have a frayed look after a few washes and this will give a very interesting effect. Clear step-by-step instructions are included with the color chart.

These designs are ideal for household linens like pillows,  tablecloths and placemats.

Image of ergew5x701.jpg
Image of ergew5x702.jpg
Image of ergew5x703.jpg
Image of ergew5x704.jpg
3.46x6.78 inches
3.31x6.89 inches
4.40x6.11 inches
5.02x6.75 inches
Image of ergew5x705.jpg
Image of ergew5x706.jpg
Image of ergew5x707.jpg
Image of ergew5x708.jpg
5.02x6.75 inches
4.22x6.83 inches
3.07x6.84 inches
5.04x6.81 inches
Image of ergew5x709.jpg
Image of ergew5x710.jpg
Image of ergew5x711.jpg
Image of ergew5x712.jpg
1.93x6.98 inches
1.48x6.26 inches
3.64x6.87 inches
3.65x6.87 inches
Image of ergew5x713.jpg
Image of ergew5x714.jpg
Image of ergew5x715.jpg

3.32x6.37 inches
3.15x6.98 inches
3.78x7.03 inches

The letters in the wall hanging are available in two sizes and they are included with this set of designs. For a better look at them, have a look at the page for the 4x4 Ethnic Collection.

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Projects with these designs

Image of dscf1323.jpg
Image of dscf1324.jpg
Image of dscf1320.jpg

Image of dscf1331.jpg
Image of dscf1328.jpg

Joan Wium has made all these stunning projects above with the ethnic designs when she tested them for me. In the wall hanging Joan also used some of the 4x4 inch designs.
Please e-mail Joan.

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