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This set has 6 designs, of which one design is a sample design. I used this sample design to create a sample quilt for my USA trunk show.

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Sample design. A close up look of the design, as well as the quilt. I prefer to have a repeat of one design, rather than to have a lot of different designs, in one project. I do the free hand stipple quilting first, and then I embroider on top of the quilted background.

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Jan Reed in California, made these beautiful pillows for her daughter's guest bedroom, the one she sleeps in, when she visits her! Jan made the quilt last year. This year, she used the scraps of leftover material, to make these matching pillows. Jan used the 5 x 7 inch pansies, but she also used designs from the miniature Collection and Flower Collection 1, around the borders. She made my day, when she e-mailed these to me. I hope you will also find a lot of inspiration from these beautiful pillows.  Please e-mail Jan.

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By using different colors, the looks of a certain design can be changed completely. By using darker and brighter colors, a design can become striking, where it looks much softer with pastel colors.

Here are some ideas how one can make a beautiful project, by making use of the decorative stitches of your sewing machine, lace and satin ribbons.

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