4x4 Ethnic Collection    $20   US

These designs are totally different from my flower designs, but I felt like creating something totally different and something that will go with the interior of my own home. Some of the appliqué designs will have a frayed look after a few washes and this will give a very interesting effect. Clear step-by-step instructions are included with the color chart.

These designs are ideal for household linens like pillows,  cushions, tablecloths and placemats.
Image of ergew4x401.jpg
Image of ergew4x402.jpg
Image of ergew4x403.jpg
Image of ergew4x404.jpg
3.13 x 3.12 inches
2.51 x 2.49 inches
1.70 x 3.79 inches
2.00 x 2.24 inches
Image of ergew4x405.jpg
Image of ergew4x406.jpg
Image of ergew4x407.jpg
Image of ergew4x408.jpg
2.97 x 2.24 inches
2.82 x 3.90 inches
3.68 x 3.64 inches
3.71 x 3.72 inches
Image of ergew4x409.jpg
Image of ergew4x410.jpg
Image of ergew4x411.jpg
Image of ergew4x412.jpg
3.88 x 3.84 inches
3.88 x 3.84 inches
2.42 x 3.88 inches
1.77 x 3.90 inches
Image of ergew4x413.jpg
Image of ergew4x414.jpg
Image of ergew4x416.jpg
Image of ergew4x415.jpg
2.12 x 3.81 inches
3.60 x 3.82 inches
1.62 x 0.84 inches
3.82 x 3.84 inches
Image of ergew4x417.jpg
Image of ergew4x418.jpg
Image of ergew4x419.jpg
Image of ergew4x420.jpg
3.82 x 3.84 inches
3.77 x 3.83 inches
3.25 x 1.48 inches
3.51 x 1.32 inches
Image of ergew4x421.jpg
Image of alarge.jpg
Image of asmall.jpg
Image of flarge.jpg
2.89 x 3.92 inches
2.18 x 3.70 inches
1.41 x 2.38 inches
1.77 x 3.70 inches
Image of fsmall.jpg
Image of rlarge.jpg
Image of rsmall.jpg
Image of ilarge.jpg
1.12 x 2.33 inches
2.20 x 3.62 inches
1.42 x 2.32 inches
0.83 x 3.67 inches
Image of ismall.jpg
Image of clarge.jpg
Image of csmall.jpg

0.54 x 2.34 inches
2.11 x 3.63 inches
1.40 x 2.40 inches

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Project Ideas

Due to computer problems, losing my web site for a few days and being without the Internet, I had so much to do and didn't have time to make the projects with these designs. I found a business that could print my own photos on fabric and wanted to make cushions with the printed photos in the center and then embroider some of the ethnic designs around it. These pillows would have looked wonderful on my patio, which has an Afrcan theme.

Image of 2154b.jpg
Image of 7382b.jpg
Image of 9996.jpg
Image of 7235b.jpg
Image of 2195b.jpg

I am still going to have some photos printed in 12x12 inch squares and will see when I have time to make something.
If anyone who have bought these designs, is interested in something like this, please write to me and I will gladly share these photos wih you too.

Image of 0931.jpg
Image of 0932.jpg

These two fabric prints I bought in the USA, at WalMart. If you don't like an African theme, any other print can be used. The pheasants will look nice with a leaf border, all around it. I didn't have enough embroidered blocks in the beige color fabric and brown fern like leaves, otherwise I would have used it on the pheasant to give you a better idea. My personal taste would let me use the same design all around each photo or fabric picture.

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