Single 12x12 inch Quilt Blocks.
$10 each

These 12x12 inch designs that can be used for quilt blocks or pillows. For the PR-600, BMP-6, Innovis 4000, Ellegante and Viking DSE this design has to be stithced in two parts. For the Pfaff Creative Vision and Viking Diamond machine this design has been split vertically with the 4D software. You can just send this design to your machine and the machine will do the rest.
Please note, only some of these designs will fit the Viking Mega Single hoop of the Designer DSE.

Please click on thumbnails to see large stitchouts.
Image of 12x12block01whole.jpg
Image of erg12x12block02.jpg
Image of 12x12block03.jpg
Image of erg12x12block04c.jpg
11.79" x 11.54"
299 x 293 mm
11.49" x 11.55"
292 x 293 mm
304 x 303 mm
11.74" x 11.74"
298 x 298 mm
12x12 Block 01
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12x12 Block 02
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12x12 Block 03
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12x12 Block 04
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Image of erg12x12block5.jpg
Image of erg12x12block06.jpg
Image of erg12x12block07.jpg
Image of erg12x12block08.jpg
11.98" x 11.98"
304 x 304 mm
11.98" x 11.98"
(304 x 304 mm)
11.78" x 11.78"
299 x 299 mm
11.78" x 11.77"
299 x 299 mm
Block 05
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12x12 Block 06
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12x12 Block 07
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12x12 Block 08
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Image of erg12x12block09.jpg

11.30" x 11.76"
287 x 299 mm

12x12 Block 09
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Projects with these designs

Image of monica1block01.jpg
Image of monicapansytote.jpg
This beautiful pillow was made by Monica Powell on her Pfaff Creative machine. Please e-mail Monica.
Monica Powell also made this lovely purse or tote bag with the Block 6 design.

Image of monicapansycushion.jpg
Image of joan1373.jpg
Another stunning project made by Monica Powell with block design 3.
Joan Wium made this lovely table center with block design 5. Please e-mail Joan.

Image of elsa1016.jpg

More project photos will be added later.

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