Permanent $10 Sale!!!!!

The prices listed on the web pages below are the regular price, but the discount will be applied at checkout

These $10 sets below are already marked down and they are not included in any future discount sales!!!
These are some of my older sets, so make sure that you haven't bought them earlier!

Cards 1

Cards 2

Cards 3

Flower Collection 2

Baby Angels

Tone on Tone Collection

Pansies 1

Pansies 2

Corners 1

Corners 2

5x7 Heirloom Quilt 1

5x7 Heirloom Quilt 2

5x7 Heirloom Quilt 3

5x7 Heirloom Quilt 4

5x7 Heirloom Quilt 5

5x7 Heirloom Quilt 6

Fundraiser Collection

Miniature Collection 1

Denim Collections

Flower Collection 1

Appliqué Collection

Little Darlings

Bookmark Collection

5x7 inch Bible Covers

Romance Collection

Hearts Collection

Heart Monograms

Floral Monograms

Pansy Monograms

Weddings and Romance

Christmas Collection 1

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